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ASIO Vision provides OEM and End-to-End solutions to the Industrial, Military, Medical and R&D industries.

ASIO Vision specializes in solutions for : industrial video, image processing, thermography, recording systems, and custom tailored vision applications.

ASIO Vision exclusively represents in Israel the leading manufacturers in the Vision fields.

Our technical team includes application engineers, sales engineers and physicists providing the best service & support to our customers.

Close guidance and support, beginning with feasibility studies and continuing through system configuration, all the way to final system implementation.


ASIO Vision provides OEM solutions for the Machine Vision & Vision markets.

Our solutions include industrial cameras in a wide spectrum range, image processing - hardware & software, Optics, Illumination and other accessories.

ASIO Vision's capabilities for providing end-to-end solutions from the feasibility test through the evaluation process to the final implementation stage.


ASIO Vision provides a wide range of cameras in the Infra Red spectrum, dedicated for a wide range of markets:

Predictive Maintenance, R&D and Automation markets, as well as precision measurements. The company, as a distributor of FLIR in Israel, has the tools and the knowledge for a variety of solutions in the thermography area.

Digital Recording Systems

ASIO Vision provides unique and custom-design digital recording systems for high capacity and fast rates recordings to our military, medical and R&D customers.


ASIO Vision's technical support team includes highly experienced software & hardware engineers, enabling us to provide almost immediate technical assistance.

Training Center

ASIO Vision has a fully equipped training center for delivering general as well as dedicated trainings.

ASIO Vision is a Flir Certified training center for thermographers. Our graduates are certified with international thermography diplomas.

QMS Certification

ASIO Vision is in the process of being certified for compliance with the Quality Management Standard SI ISO 9001:2000.